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Top 10 Facts about Babies

1. Men are the best at changing a baby’s diaper.  Men take just over a 1 minute while women can take over 2 minutes to change a diaper.

2. About 1/4 of a baby’s weight is accounted for by their head.
3. If you eat fish during pregnancy you can increase your baby’s brain development as well as provide them with better communication skills. 
4. It is determined at around 10 weeks after birth whether your baby is right-handed or left-handed.
5. It is the father’s sperm that decides the sex of your baby.
6. Aerosols and Air fresheners may cause stomach and ear discomfort in babies.
7. About 1 in five toddlers can open bottles with child-resistant tops.
8. If your child is  overweight, they are up to 5 times more likely to have a heart attack by the age of 65.
9. When babies are born they have 300 bones, but by adult they only have 206 boned in their body. This is due to the fact that some bones fuse together.

10. If your child is born in the month of May they are on average 200 grams heavier at birth then other babies. 

Hehe..bosan2 terjumpa plak articles ni..layan jer lah..article ni dishare dari http://www.infobarrel.com/Top_10_Facts_about_Babies ..facts yg first skali tu btul ker para suami ni leh tukar pampers baby lebih cepat dari para ibu nie..hehe..maybe kot..sbb klu ayah ni,tenaga dia agak kuat..so baby tu takdelah meronta2 sgt..klu kita yg tukar mmglah amik masa..mana taknya,ingat senang ker nak tukarkan pampers baby yg dah leh bergerak ni..mmg susah..baru jer kita baringkan,dia dh bangun balik..hehe..facts yg no 3 tu btul ker?hehe..mungkin btul kot..so saper2 ibu yg time pregnant dulu kuat mkn ikan,insyaAllah anak dia pandai..hehe..yg tak mkn ikan pun,baby dia pandai jugak..sbb lepas jer baby ni dilahirkan,dia dh start blaja sbenarnya..everything yg kita buat,kita cakap,smuanya baby kita perhatikan..so to ayah2 n ibu2,kenalah buat atau cakap sesuatu yg baik2 yer..sbb budak2 ni senang sgt ingat sesuatu sbb time kecik2 nilah otak dia still fresh..senang ingat klu diajarkan sesuatu..emm facts yg no 10 tu tak tau lah btul ker tak..hehe..tu kenalah kumpulkan bukti2 yg kukuh..hehe..so selamat membaca yerk..juz utk tambahkan pengetahuan..have a nice day!


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